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Young rapscallion Michel’s (Jean-Paul Belmondo) iconic introduction in a long trench coat and dark fedora lends him the appearance of the typical film noir antihero from the 1940s as he enters the radical decade of 1960s France. We watch him observe (in the first of many instances of reflexive scopophilia) his reflection in a poster of The Harder they Fall (1956), the face of the film’s star as well as Michel’s idol, Humphrey Bogart, displaying prominently across.

On this episode of “That’s the Thing,” Alex and Nick review Martin Scorsese’s iconic boxing masterpiece Raging Bull, in celebration of its fortieth anniversary. Plus, they also take a look at the new Frederick Wiseman documentary, as well as Tsai Ming-liang’s valentine to King Hu.

In the final 2000 retrospective episode of “That’s the Thing,” Alex and Nick lend an overview on the start of the millennium, including the rise of digital cinema & DVDs, as well as Netflix in its budding stages. They also share their views on box office hits, cult classics, major feature debuts, as well as personal favorites from 2000.

Alex and Nick go back in time and recall their memories watching Christopher Nolan’s sophomore feature, Memento. Plus, the Kouhi brothers discuss new features from Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof and Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon.

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