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That’s the Thing – Crash

"We have annexed the future into the present, as merely one of those manifold alternatives open to us. Options multiply around us, and we live in an almost infantile world where any demand, any possibility, whether for life-styles, travel, sexual roles and identities, can be satisfied instantly" J.G. Ballard

In honor of its 25th anniversary, Alex and Nick take a trip down memory lane with David Cronenberg’s fittingly divisive adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s controversial novel, Crash. Plus, they also discuss a newly rediscovered West African film as well as a documentary on the history of comic books.


Background: 1:00 – 23:16

Review: 23:53 – 52:46

Picks of the Week: 52:50 – 1:05:05


Siskel & Ebert review (March 22nd, 1997)

Our Car Club written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love (from Little Deuce Coupe, 1963)

Crash written by Howard Shore (from the original motion picture soundtrack, 1996)

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About Some Meaningless Events

Comic Book Confidential

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