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Smells Like Twin Critics – Poison

"Added to the moral solitude of the murderer comes the solitude of the artist, which can acknowledge no authority, save that of another artist." Jean Genet

In celebration of its latest blu-ray release, the Kouhi Bros review Todd Haynes’ electrifying, controversial debut, Poison. They also take a look at a Lizzie Borden classic and a Berlin-winning Serbian drama.

A still image from the Todd Haynes film "Poison" featuring actor Larry Maxwell peering over a balcony



0:00 – 4:24


4:25 – 28:50


29:05 – 51:26


51:26 – 1:04:50


1:04:50 – 1:06:08


New Queer Cinema by B. Ruby Rich – Sight & Sound Magazine

New Queer Cinema by Daryl Chin

Todd Haynes’ “Poison” Reconsidered by Rob White – Film Quarterly

Times Square Red, Times Square Blue by Samuel R. Delany

Todd Haynes talks Getting Started, Making “Poison” and more (Interview)


Born in Flames


Among Wolves

Watermelon Man

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